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Seller Machine CRM by BengalOne


Seller Machine CRM 1 Product Information

  • My Messages Inbox with Flagged and Replied status.   Flag or Reply to a message from one computer running Seller Machine and another computer also running Seller Machine can automatically see the updated status.  This helps manage support messages when you have 2 or more people answering questions.
  • Inventory Management!  Save a Location with each item to make it easier to find when shipping. Keep track of how many items you have on hand. Save default weights, dimensions, and product names (including seperate values for customs).
  • Endicia Support!  No more need to copy/paste your addresses from My eBay into Dazzle.  Using Endicia’s Third Party Software (XML) Integration you can now streamline your shipping process.   This feature requires Premium or higher subscription level from Endicia.
  • Paypal Support!  See the PayPal Note a buyer leaves for you right in the STFUM message history making it easy to spot any special requests from your customers. Both Signature and Certificate authentication modes are supported.
  • Orders are downloaded directly from your eBay account.
  • Tracking numbers are checked against USPS Delivery Confirmation status at most once every 24 hours.
  • Click Contact Buyer to quickly send them a message within eBay Messages. There is a different default message for each view.
  • Click product name to display the eBay listing to print postage.
  • Save a note with each sale to keep track of communication with buyers.
  • View which orders have been delivered, are still in transit, and have not been shipped yet.
  • Archive the order once your buyer is confirmed to be happy.
  • Quickly see number of days since Shipped and since Delivered. Watch for those packages that are taking longer than usual to deliver and contact your buyer before they get upset and contact you.
  • eBay Messages! See the two way communication you have had with the buyer. All of the messages the buyer has sent to you within eBay show right next to the order. Finally a way to see what the buyer was referring to in their reply!
  • eBay Feedback! Avoid asking the buyer if they are happy if they already said they are in their feedback. Instead, thank them for their feedback and make that follow up message even more personalized. Buyers love it!
  • Quick view of your rolling 30 day DSR scores.
  • Bulk SMTP Messages! Tag a few, or all of your sales and send a message to everyone at once using your own SMTP server. It’s fast and easy. You can even customize the subject and message using special tags are automatically replace with data from that specific order such as the Buyer’s UserID, the Item Number, the Item Title and more!