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Seller Machine CRM by BengalOne


Change Log Version 1.0.101 to 1.2.3

Version 1.2.4

  • Skip attempting to download item details for transactions that are older than the max configured in the settings. ツ This makes viewing of archived transactions faster.

Version 1.2.3

  • Added a generic No Photo image for transactions that do not have photos uploaded to eBay or are old transactions that are no longer able to be downloaded.
  • If you create an XML file called TestMode.xml next to the .exe it will make Seller Machine use eBay’s sandbox environment instead of production. ツ This can help you test some of the features outside of your normal selling account.

Version 1.2.1

  • Changed display of sales transactions.
  • Added display of product in sales transactions. ツA folder called “Product Photos” will automatically be created to store the image. ツ If more two or more transactions are for the same product sku they will use the same photo and it will not be downloaded twice.
  • The 1.2.1 and 1.1.1 SellerMachine.exe files are both compatible with the local xml files. ツYou can flip between the old exe and the new if you do not like the new layout.

Version 1.1.1

  • File version change only to allow older versions to recognize newer version.

Version 1.0.101

  • fixed Type Mismatch error when displaying My Messages.
  • fixed tool bar not displaying under shipped tabs.

Version 1.0.100

  • added Renew eBay Authorization menu item.

Version 1.0.99

  • changed “Automatic delivery notification sent.” to “Automatic follow up message sent.” in transaction message history.
  • changed My Messages count to show number of messages with no answer
  • changed Mark All Answered to run faster
  • added Display Orders button to toolbar
  • added message template In Transit for X Days (With USPS Delivery Confirmation)
  • added message template In Transit for X Days (With Other Tracking)
  • added message template In Transit for X Days (No Tracking)
  • change phone number formatting before sending to WorldShip
Version 1.0.98
  • internal changes only
Version 1.0.97
  • added Mark All Answered to My Messages
  • renamed Unanswered checkbox to Hide Answered in My Messages
  • added confirmation messages to Mark All Answered and Re-download Inbox in My Messages

Version 1.0.96

  • added Flagged status to display of inbox message.
  • added Replied status to display of inbox message.
  • added Re-Download link to display of inbox message.
  • added Auto Re-Download checkbox to display of inbox message.

Version 1.0.95

  • added Unanswered checkbox to My Messages view.
  • added Add/Remove Flag links to messages.
  • added Mark (un)Answered Locally links to messages.
  • added Reply via Web link to messages to use eBayテ「竄ャ邃「s website to view and reply to the message in case Seller Machine is unable to read the text of the message.
  • changed eBay API used to download messages.テつ It now downloads Inbox messages and is much faster for large volume sellers.
  • added yellow background to unanswered messages.

Version 1.0.94

  • fixed bug introduced in 1.0.093 causing some screens to blank.

Version 1.0.93

  • added support for eBay accounts with more than 5,000 inbox messages in a download period.
  • added option to set the maximum number of days of data to download.
  • increased performance for processing new transactions.

Version 1.0.92

  • added support for eBay accounts with more than 1,000 inbox messages in a download period.

Version 1.0.91

  • added support for PayPal certification authentication when more than one certificate is installed on the desktop computer.

Version 1.0.90

  • changed UPS tracking links to open in web browser.
  • changed address to upper case when displaying in Endicia form.
  • fixed bug using Contact Buyer link in transaction grid if a prior Contact Buyer form cleared without using Cancel or Send.
  • added Flat Rate Small Box to types of Endicia packages.
  • added support for eBay messages received in Text-only format instead of HTML.

Version 1.0.89

  • changed messages download to get at most 28 days of sent/received messages.
  • changed timeout from 1 minute to 5 minutes for eBay connections.
  • changed logic to handle warnings while downloading sent/received messages.テつ This fix is for sellers that seems to get stuck in the download orders process on Downloading eBay Messages.

Version 1.0.88

  • changed startup process to display status of files being loaded.

Version 1.0.87

  • added Quantum View Notification (QVN) support to UPS Worldship shipping.

Version 1.0.86

  • fixed bug in UPS Worldship shipping.

Version 1.0.85

  • fixed UPS Worldship shipping when no signature requirement is selected.

Version 1.0.84

  • added {Tagged/TransactionList} tag support when manually clicking the Contact Buyer link.
  • added Paid Time to the Not Shipped shipped view.
  • added sorting by Delivered Date.
  • added signature options to UPS Worldship.
  • fixed bug that caused multiple automatic delivered messages to be sent for combined orders.
Version 1.0.83
  • Removed ‘Arrival at Unit’ as a delivered indicator.テつテつ This status really means the package arrived in the local post office and will likely be delivered within the next day.
  • Added Delivered Status option for you to define which USPS status should mean delivered.テつテつ The default is Delivered and Delivered Abroad.
    • If you would like to continue using ‘Arrival at Unit’ to identify a package as delivered, just set this option to “Delivered;Delivered Abroad;Arrival at Unit”.

Version 1.0.82

  • added My Messages (requires Silver or Gold subscription).
  • added {Tagged/TransactionList} tag support for automatic Shipping and In Transit.
  • fixed bug that could cause automatic messages to be sent multiple times if Download Orders is pressed multiple times within 5 minutes of shipping the item.

Version 1.0.81

  • added checkbox to automatically send In Transit message.
  • added checkbox to only send automatic In Transit message if tracking number is available.

Version 1.0.80

  • removed Tools Download x Days Orders (no longer needed when shipping with PayPal)
  • added Tools Download eBay Categories (for coming Listing features)
  • changed eBay messages to use Custom Subject instead of “Question for item”
  • added download of eBay User Details to UserDetails.xml
  • added saving of eBayDetails.xml

Version 1.0.79

  • changed authorization process to open new window.

Version 1.0.78

  • renamed option titles for message templates.
  • added Message Template options:
    • Subject
    • Copy Me
    • Automatically Send (Delivered only)
  • added “Automatic delivery notification sent” message to transaction display.
  • eBay messages are sent directly from Seller Machine now instead of eBay website.

Version 1.0.77

  • added basic support for UPS shipping via WorldShip XML Auto Import.
  • note: UPS shipping support is only for domestic packages.
  • note: UPS tracking is not supported yet.
  • added email tag {Tracking/DeliveredDate}
  • added email tag {Tracking/DeliveredWhen} (today, yesterday, x days ago, or recently)
  • added email tag {Tracking/DeliveredInDays} (1 day, 2 days, (cannot tell how many days), 3 days, etc.)

Version 1.0.76

  • improved support for foreign characters in PayPal transaction.
  • convert foreign characters to English character before displaying in Endicia form.
  • updated icon.

Version 1.0.75

  • fixed bug with email template {Tagged/TransactionList} repeating same product name.
  • changed name to Seller Machine

- added search.

- added Sorty By drop downs to top of transaction list.
- removed Endicia link from archived.
- removed Refund link from archived.

- added Items Per Page input to top of transaction list.
- added Page Prev and Next links to top of transaction list.
- added Page number input to top of transaction list.

- fixed bug deleting a note.

- added CheckBox type to inventory fields.
- put limit on lenght of note when refunding paypal payment (255 letters).
- added “Repeat buyer” indicator in the transaction.

- fixed bug tagging with feedback for single item auction listings.
- added feature to customize display order of inventory fields.
- change inventory page to only show fields that have values.
- added feature to add and delete custom inventory fields to be used in templates.
- email templates now replace all inventory fields including custom ones. Use this format:
- added feature to create a new SKU based on existing product.
- added feature to create a new empty SKU.
- added feature to remove a SKU.

- fixed bug displaying feedback for single item auction listings.
- changed wording on Delivered screen from “3 ago” to “3 days ago”.
- shipped attempting to download PayPal transactions where the ID is “SIS”.

- added OverstockLocation to Inventory.
- added SpecialPackingInstructions to Inventory.
- added SpecialPackingInstructions to display in grid and Endicia screens.
- added email template tag {Inventory/Name}
- Email template tag {SellingManagerProductDetails/ProductName} now displays Inventory Name.
- {Buyer/FirstName} is now formatted proper case.

- fixed issue with display inventory fields with combined orders on Endicia screen.

- added Inventory Management.
- added number of days since purchase in Not Shipped view for items that are not paid.
- added auto re-download of transactions that are paid but not shipped with option to disable the feature.
- customs weights are automatically adjusted to match package weight.

- added link for Paypal Refund if postage paid is less than what buyer paid.

- made internal changes to improve performance and stability.
- added rotating status image when downloading USPS tracking numbers.
- changed initial ebay authorization process.
- disabled some links until ebay account is authorized.
- Endicia postage is logged to ShippingLabels.xml
- added the following new tags:
- added cost of postage to Item Shipped note. (requires Endicia shipping)
- added tooltip to cost of postage showing what the buyer paid.
- added option to turn on/off flagging of transactions with postage differences.

- removed rotating status image when downloading USPS tracking because it was blocking some steps from completing.

- Detail Seller Ratings now show rolling 30 days and download new scores if current data is more than 1 hour old.

- tracking number and service used are now immediately available to display in messages after printing postage.
- Note: eBay does not store the actual shipping service used and assumes it was shipped using the service the buyer selected.

- added basic sorting
- Not Shipped is sorted by Paid Time and then by Buyer’s UserID
- Other views are sorted by the Selling Manager record number

- added Contact Buyer link to Print Postage form to notify buyer item has shipped within eBay.
- tags are now supported when clicking Contact Buyer.
- added the following message tags:

- added support to purchase Endicia Insurance
- added option to set insurance default

- Stealth is automatically selected for international shipping
- removed Archive and Restore links from each transaction line to free up space
- added Restore Tagged link
- removed Archive All link (you can tag all then arhive tagged)
- moved Archive Tagged lines to sub menu
- added support for PayPal Certificate authentication
- added option to set default stealth for domesting shipping

- Endicia Support
- PayPal Transaction support
- Uses Ship To address from Paypal payment
- Displays Date/Time and Amount Paid of Paypal Payment in message history.
- Displays buyers Paypal Note in message history.
- Other performance improvements
- UPS tracking numbers link to UPS website.
- Transactions shipped with no USPS tracking will show in the In Transit view.
- In Transit view is available to Basic license users.
- If it has been more than 28 days since your last download, it will limit the next download to the last 28 days instead of returning an error.
- Displays Date/Time item was shipped in message history.
- Adjusted Date/Time displayed in message history to match eBay time (PST).
- Last tab used will be used on startup instead of Delivered tab.

- fixed bug after using Download X Days of Order, if Download Orders had not been pressed yet, the next Download Orders press would download 28 days history again resulting in Archived transactions reappearing

- added Leave Feedback link
- moved sku outside of product title link
- added last checked time to tracking number in transit view
- added Display quantity if purchased more than one
- added Tools/Download X Days of Orders

- added Help/Visit Our Website
- added Arrival at Unit to list of delivered indicators
- added Option to Use default internet browser instead of Internet Explorer
- changed uses default internet browser

- New Feature: Compose SMTP Message!
- added Tag All
- added UnTag All
- added Flip Tags
- added Option SMTP Server
- added Option SMTP From
- added Option SMTP Port
- added Tag Items with Feedback link to Archive view
- added email address to display
- added Item Number to display
- added the following tags are replaced when sending SMTP Message:

- fixed bug downloading auction format listings

- automatically downloads sent message after sending a message
- automatically displays orders after sending a message
- display transaction counts
- added Tag Items with Feedback link to Delivered and In Transit views

- added new version link
- New Feature: DSR Display

- changed link to send a message from the buyers id to words Contact Buyer
- added tag to each transaction
- added Archive All link
- added Archive Tagged link
- display formated shipping service
- added Delivered Abroad to status to check for
- added number of days since delivered to delivered view
- added different default messages for each view
- added Help/Check for Updates
- added Help/Report Bug or Request Feature
- added Help/Online Help
- moved Purchase subscription to Help menu

- New Feature: download and display Feedback from buyers

- New Feature: download and display Sent Messages to buyers

- New Feature: download and display related messages from buyers
- Bug Fix: changed internal management of http objects to try to resolve random crashes when downloading many orders.

- Bug Fix: fixed problem clicking item title during first sesssion

- Bug Fix: fixed problem downloading more that 100 orders
- display number of pages of orders as it downloads

- only use 28 days of data if xml file says to use more

- will download last 4 weeks of data instead of 30 days

- display the error if download orders fails

- Bug Fix: process would not end when closing app

- no changes

- user id added to title bar
- removed demo expiration
- new version url points to website

- restrict in transit view to paid users
- restrict notes feature to paid users
- block services that include UPS
- check tracking numbers that start with 9101

- (x days) status text will not wrap
- Added Purchase Subsciption work flow