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Seller Machine CRM by BengalOne


Seller Machine CRM 2 Product Information

We released a version of Seller Machine CRM 2.  This version includes the following features:

  • Windows and Mac Support
  • DSR Reports by Period
  • DSR Reports by Shipping Details
  • DSR Reports by Category
  • Automatic Updates
  • View Inbox and Sent Items Messages
  • View Related Messages
  • Hide Answered Messages
  • Reply to Message
  • Basic Spell Checking
  • Max Number of Days to Download Option
  • Message Flagging Support
  • Message Answered Support (Locally)
  • Auto Re-Download Message Option
  • Refresh Inbox Messages (Great for 2 people answering questions)
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Seller Machine CRM is software that runs on your desktop computer to help provide outstanding service to your eBay customers.

Manage Customers Effectively

  • Automatically send personalized follow up messages.
  • Send shipment notifications.
  • See message threads related to a purchase.
  • Refund orders that have differences in postage paid.
  • Identify repeat buyers.
  • All messages sent are through eBay and not SMTP/Outlook.

Why Use a CRM Tool?

  • Increases Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR)
    • Buyers love sellers that follow up after the purchase.
    • Very personalized messages show the buyer you honestly care.
    • Shipping and Handling DSR can move from 4.6 to 4.9 by building a relationship with your customer.
    • If there is any problem with their order, it is much better to contact the customer before they seek you out.  Many buyers will automatically leave a negative feedback as their first line of communication.  By sending a follow up message, you can resolve issues quickly and avoid bad feedback and DSRs.
  • Saves Time Responding to Questions
    • The My Messages view inside of Seller Machine shows all communication from that buyer grouped together. This makes it very easy to carry on a conversation inside of eBay Messages.
    • You can reply to messages using Seller Machine and the buyer will receive the message within eBay Messages.
  • Avoids Mistakes in Shipping
    • All messages from the buyer are display under the transaction while you are shipping making it easy to see prior communications that might contain special requests.
    • PayPal Note from the buyer are displayed as just another inline message.
    • Differences in postage paid the buyer are flagged.  This allows you to refund over payments quickly without having to log into PayPal’s website.
  • Streamlines Shipping Process with Endicia and UPS WorldShip
    • Address and mail class are automatically filled in.
    • Weights, dimensions, and product name are used from Inventory settings.
    • Tracking Numbers are automatically sent to eBay.

What eBay Buyers Are Saying

Since we are also an eBay Power Seller we have first hand experience in sending effective follow up messages to our customers.

You know your follow up message is effective if your customer replies to the message.

Here is what our customers are saying:

“Everything is great as you can see from the feedback I left… In over 150 transactions nobody has ever contacted me after reception to see if everything was ok… WOW! Good customer service!” -jacktsa

“You are such a delight to do business with. I left you a 20 star positive feedback two days ago for the Trigger Grip Ball Head. You are such a delight that I just ordered a spare Quick Release Plate for one of my other cameras. You’re a joy to deal with. Great communicator! I appreciate the follow-up!” -Katysunclejim

Computer Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, or greater.
eBay Platforms: