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Seller Machine CRM by BengalOne


Screenshots and Videos

Videos of Seller Machine

  • Watch Video - How to Send Automatic Personalized Messages.
  • Watch Video - How to Download Seller Machine and Authorize your eBay Account.
  • Watch Video - Downloading orders for the first time.
  • Watch Video - Setting up PayPal API Access.
  • Watch Video - Setting up Endicia/Dazzle layouts to print postage.
  • Watch Video - Installing a Paypal Certificate on your computer.

Main Display

There are 4 basic views: Delivered, In Transit, Not Shipped, and Archived.

Each row shows one item transaction.

Under the transaction we display a list of messages sent and received that are related to this transaction as well as other key information:

  • SKU, Product Name (from eBay Selling Manager), and Item Number
  • Buyer’s User ID, feedback score, and email address
  • Links to Sales Record, Item Page, and Contact Buyer eBay screens
  • USPS Delivery Confirmation Number, Days Since Shipped, Days Since Received, and Days In Transit

Sending an eBay Message

Messages can be sent either through the eBay Messaging one at a time, or through your ISP’s SMTP mail server in bulk.

PayPal Note Display

When a Buyer pays using PayPal, we add a line to the messages.

In addition, if the Buyer leaves a Note inside the PayPal payment, we show the Note with a Blue background to give it special attention.

Printing USPS Postage with Endicia

To print postage, tag the transaction you want to ship and click Print Postage.

If there are multiple purchases from the buyer you selected, Seller Machine will ask you if you want to automatically select all of them.

Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs)

Your DSRs are shown in the upper right corner of the screen for you to keep an eye on your ratings.